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2-part image. Left part is silhouette with aura colors around, right half is young woman's face with aura colors around. Beautiful saturated colors of the rainbow.
young woman with mobile phone chanting, 'Aaah' into it

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For 1, 2 or More People ~~~ or Your Pup!

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Visualize the Subtle ~ Your Aura Colors

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Great Tool

Very cool! Very much like seeing the colors of our chakras or auras. We could see how my husband's colors changed with each breath. This is a great tool, similar to the aura photography back in the 1990's.

Ginger Hannah

Measuring Progress

This works very well for measuring progress. Awesome, cool stuff. Mine has the brightest colors when I'm feeling great!


Confirms My Intuition

Wow! My colors indicated ultra positive results for me, It doesn't feel like my meditation practice is super strong. My intuition says otherwise. Kalmashi CONFIRMS my intuition! I now feel more committed to my meditation practice than ever.

Bob Weatherly