Manifestation or goal realization is an important part of life. Manifestation is an outcome of the function of your energy - your chakras and aura. Having some bright colors in your chakras and aura can indicate faster and easier manifestation for you. For many people, easier, faster manifestation means lower frustration and more happiness. Activities such as meditation, sacred mantras, being in nature, physical exercise, listening to music, playing music, dancing, can make you clearer and brighter.

color spectrum in an egg shape, with red at the center and violet on the outer rim


Red is the color of motivation and action, for both warriors and healers. When you have the color red, you have willpower, courage, and the energy to lovingly stick up for your beliefs. Red will see things through. It makes bold choices, competes and succeeds. Red will converge to a solution, and fix what can be fixed. Red is strong, resourceful, ingenious and lovingly generous.


Orange indicates health, vitality, and the energy of universal friendship. When you have orange you are alert and have clarity of mind. Orange is the color of leadership, power and intelligence. Warm, cheerful and radiant, orange runs ahead, learns and teaches others. Orange has great personal initiative and never thinks small with regard to goals or dreams for self and others.


Like gold, yellow is the color of peace and prosperity, health and wealth. Yellow holds compassion, purity, wisdom and proper judgement. When you have yellow, you energize and inspire others. Yellow has an effortless wit and makes others comfortable in social situations. Yellow is capable of disciplining the self but doesn't demand it from others. It is nonjudgmental, optimistic, happy, honest, intelligent, and easily lets go of resentments. Yellow indicates generosity, truth, love and manifestation.


Green is the color of analytic ability, details, accuracy and retention. When you have green, you quickly grasp the essentials for a subject of study. Adaptable, enterprising, and productive, green is curious and loves variety. Green really is the color of money, trade and commerce of all types, the highest being from the heart. Green has excellent intuition and a sense of humor. Green is all forms of communication, including gestures and movements, written on paper and on-line, and spoken, most importantly from the heart.


Compassion. Pure Love. Clarity. Super Intelligence. Mr|Ms Blue Skies. Get this color in your aura.


Indigo is the color of deep focus, for both spiritual and material pursuits. Almost black, indigo is the color of discipline, organization and structure, the basis for anything worth pursuing. Indigo is patience, an important attribute of love. When you have indigo, you have endurance for tough situations. Indigo is compassionate and works to relieve the suffering of others, donating time, money, energy, and clothes or household goods. Indigo assists the elderly and feeds the hungry. Indigo cares about fairness. It is friendship and business development. It is honesty, sincerity, and faith. Those with indigo make up their own mind about people and situations and aren't interested in the opinions of others.




Pink is the color of romance and luxury, fun and happiness. It is beauty, elegance, comfort and grace. Those with pink are deeply involved with all forms of art and artistic expression. Pink is good at making decisions on how to spend time, money and energy. Those with pink are kind and sociable and seek peace and harmony. They negotiate win-win agreements. Pink is love and devotion, including for the divine. 



White is a balance of colors. It doesn't currently appear explicitly in Kalmashi images (coming soon!) but white indicates a balance in mind and emotions. When you have white, you have the all-important receptivity. Those with white have empathy for self and others. They are liberal and optimistic, independent and adaptable. They are skilled in negotiation and naturally persuasive. They create harmony and make friends wherever they go.