Photo with aura colors in background, includes annotation 'Grand Canyon, Feb 14, 2021'

Your Colors for 1 audio with face in HD

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Enter text to place across the bottom of your image. You may want to include event name, people's names, date, time, or location.

Your selfie with your colors in High Definition! 🤳  Upload a 1-minute audio recording of your voice along with a passport style photo of yourself. Kalmashi returns the photo along with Your Colors at this moment, in a large size suitable for printing and framing.🖼️ You can even optionally add a title across the bottom! 

passport photo or head shot

A passport style photo has a white or blank background. It is framed from the shoulders up, and the head occupies at least half the width of the photo.  

Please see directions under How To  for creating audios on your device.

You can use this to order for an individual, or for as many people as you can fit in the frame! Just make sure you make your audio recording together. 

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How To Make Your Voice Recording [1 minute]: